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2022 Annual Records Checklist

What a year it has turned out to be!

We are sure many of you have experienced disruptions to your operations. It is the same for us. A number of our clients have struggled to send their accounts on time and this has resulted to a domino effect of delayed filings.

This year, we encourage you to send them in early to prevent and avoid the backlog. Our 2022 Annual Records Checklist will assist you with compiling the information we require to prepare your financial statements and tax returns for the year ended 31 March 2022.

The checklist covers information that we are required to bring to your attention and so we would appreciate you providing comments and completing the sections that are applicable to you. It is important that we have your most current address and contact details so please fill them in.

If you are using an accounting package such as Xero or MYOB then the most important matters for you to check are listed on page 4 (sections A and B, refer left hand column).

If you require assistance with the completion of the checklist, please call our team.

Yours sincerely

Glenn and Michael

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