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Most of you will have registered for myIR. If not, you should do now, as it has advantages and eventually, like the banks, there will be no other option.

Advantages: A myIR account lets you manage many of your Inland Revenue matters online. The main advantages currently are that it allows you to view your tax accounts including Working for Families Credits entitlements and Child Support, file GST returns and check your eDocuments.

To register: This IRD tutorial explains how to register. We cannot do this for you although we can help if you have any difficulties

To file GST: The following provides several tutorials to assist you with filing of GST returns and payments using myIR

myIR allows you to pay direct from the IRD website. There is a charge for paying by credit card which removes much if not all of the advantage you will receive for Airpoints or other credits. As such we recommend that you pay directly from your bank via either the IRD website or from your online bank account as most of you do now.

Individual income tax We would ask that you do not confirm your personal tax summary (PTS) as this would prevent us from allocating income to you when filing your related entities.

Clear as mud? If you have any questions please contact any of the team.

Regards Glenn

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